Beijing LY Metals and Mining Co., Ltd. established in 2008, located at the Central Business District of Beijing, is a professional importer & exporter of Graphite Electrode, ferroalloys and mine ores. With the A grade export certificate of ferroalloy approved by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC and ISO9001 certificate. There are in a full range of ferroalloys including FeSi(70#,72#,75#), Special FeSi(low Al, low Ca, low C and low Ti and High pure FeSi), Ferro Chorme, Silicon Manganese and HC Ferro Manganese and others, which are exported to USA, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Australia, Russia, South Korea, India, Oman, Southeast Asia and Taiwan regions. We have manufacturing in Ningxia, Qinghai, Gansu and Inner Mongolia. Through-out our trading business, we are developing manganese ore mine and chrome ore in Turkey. Import chrome ores and manganese ores from South Africa and Turkey. Our company strategy is to integrate ferroalloys, Si, Mn, Cr products and ores.

Our customers include major domestic and international steel mills, such as TISCO, BAO Steel, Sha Steel, NISCO, MA Steel, POSCO, China Steel, NMLK, GERDAU and NUCOR.

We provide all types of Graphite Electrode, RP, HD, HP, UHP and fulfill all contract requirements.